Welcome to K9Man.Pro,
My name is Rick Hake. I am an old ‘geezer’ who has been lucky enough to be working and/or living with my K9 friends for most of my life. Like a lot of people I grew up in a home that always had a variety of pets, but doggies were my companions.

I was a K9 Flight Supervisor & Handler in the US Air Force during the last years of my enlistment. I will never forget those days or Flame (Air Dog #7270). He was by my side in bad weather and good, and always eager to see me to rescue him from the kennel. He looked forward to getting out on post in the woods a lot more than I did.

In retrospect, it was the best job I ever had. For the past 48 years not a day has passed that I haven’t thought about Flame and the time we spent together.

After the Air Force I had hoped to train protection dogs for civilians. It was a fairly new specialty that was just starting that most dog trainers knew nothing about except what they could read in a book. Most of those books were written by those who knew nothing about protection dog training or I should be a little generous and say ‘Most of them’ were more interested in selling a book than doing the day to day job of training.

I was among the first AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluators and I taught obedience classes for the next 30 years or so. I wanted to teach protection training, but unfortunately, my potential clients were either older frail people who wanted to feel safe when they walked their dog or other people that were growing illegal agricultural products in the woods and wanted guard dogs. Both of these were unacceptable reasons to train dogs with such great liability and drive that they are hard to handle even for young people.

People don’t realize the training never stops for a protection dog, and sometimes for some reason the dog has to be put to sleep because it becomes unstable, unreliable or becomes a victim of incompetent training. Once a dog learns to bite it is too late to turn back.

I found that I really enjoyed obedience because it is the foundation for a good home pet. Advanced obedience is the foundation for higher levels like tracking, hunting, or therapy dogs.

This website is a way for me to continue my love for dogs and for the people who love dogs. I hope to provide you with enough value in doggy world news, education, & information to keep you coming back several days a week.

Rick Hake
The K9man