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Financial help when your pet friend is in trouble!

Our doggy friends don’t get sick often, but when they do it rarely happens when you have the financial resources to take them to the vet. Often it’s a rob Peter to pay Paul situation. When our little pal is in trouble our financial bills take the hit. After all our pet friend is family. You don’t let your family suffer. What if you just don’t have the resources? What then?

This article is about options, and there are more than you might think. First, if you have a vet you have been going to in the past. You may be eligible to negotiate a payment for the needed services. If you don’t have a history with a vet, check your small communities in the surrounding area. Sometimes they have lower rates, and maybe able to help. When you first get your doggy friend, start building a relationship with a vet. Take them to get the required shots and a checkup. Compared to some emergency procedures this is reasonably inexpensive and may find a problem before it becomes expensive.

If the problem is not an extreme emergency and you are quoted a price that is high for your budget seek out a second opinion. It may cost a fee for a second opinion, but the second opinion vet may offer a less expensive alternative treatment.

You can opt for a pre-emptive program by starting a private savings account for any future emergency treatments. Check with your vet and see if they honor the CareCredit program. Find more information on the link.

There two crowd funding websites. One is Crowd Funding, and one is specifically for pets called Waggle. A link will be provided at the end of the article with lots of links to these and many others.

If you purchased your pet from a responsible breeder, check your contract to see if there is a health guarantee that covers your pet’s ailment. For help with future medical expenses, consider purchasing pet health insurance. There are even groups that provide aid for certain breeds of dogs.

There 18 national organizations that provide assistance for those in need. You can find all of them with links in the Pet Assistance link at the bottom of the page.

National Assistance by State: Please note, we do not have listings for all 50 states. We suggest contacting your local animal shelters for the most up-to-date and comprehensive information for your community. To find your local organizations, visit The Shelter Pet Project and choose “shelter” in the search field.

Pet Assistance Sources
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