Bridge inspector rescues dog stranded 120 feet above Mississippi River
(CNN)An ordinary workday quickly turned into a rescue mission after a bridge inspector spotted a stranded dog 120 feet above the Mississippi River.

The Nose Needed for This Coronavirus Test Isn’t Yours. It’s a Dog’s
Several animals now working on a trial at Helsinki’s airport have been trained to detect the virus by scent on arriving passengers. Travelers arriving at Helsinki’s airport are being offered a voluntary coronavirus test that takes 10 seconds with no uncomfortable nasal swab needed. And the test is done by a dog.

A Dog’s Wagging Tail – Not a Guarantee of Friendliness
A wagging tail is pretty much the universal sign for a happy, friendly, approachable dog … or at least that’s what most people assume. So, you can imagine how shocking and upsetting it is when a dog with a wagging tail becomes aggressive, even to the point of biting. And it happens more often than you think.

What’s Behind the Massive Decline in Pet Euthanasia Rates?
As recently as the 1960s, 25% of dogs — both owned and unowned — roamed the streets, and 10- to 20-fold more dogs were euthanized in shelters, compared to 2018.

A New Way To Treat The Most Common Tumor In Female Dogs
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a new method of staging canine mammary tumors that will help both veterinarians and pet parents better understand an affected dog’s prognosis as well as treatment options. This new “bio-scoring” system, created by a team of veterinary scientists led by Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine, was recently published in the journal Veterinary and Comparative Oncology.

Man Dies After Being Licked By His Dog, and Contracting Rare Infection
A 63-year-old man in Germany has died after contracting a rare infection when he was licked by his dog.  Doctors have warned pet owners to seek urgent medical advice if they exhibit unusual flu-like symptoms following the rare case, details of which have been published in a paper in the European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine.

Dog Age Chart: Forget the 7 Years to 1 Myth
Pet parents, especially those with older dogs, often don’t realize (or perhaps just don’t want to think about) how quickly furry family members age compared to us. Many are surprised to learn their “still acts like a puppy” pet is technically a senior or geriatric dog.

Canine Equivalent of Alzheimer’s – Can You Spot the Signs?
Just like you, your canine BFF is getting older, and unfortunately, it’s happening at a greatly accelerated rate compared to your own aging process. The good news is that the care you’ve lovingly provided your dog up to this point will go a long way toward ensuring she continues to thrive during her golden years.

Human Antibody Test Gives New Hope for Canine Encephalitis
A recent study conducted by researchers at North Carolina State University and published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine finds that dogs can develop the same type of autoimmune encephalitis that people do.

Howl For Joy! Mutts is Coming to Denver in 2020!








Is a Sniff-Scan by a Trained Dog in Your Future?
Among the countless one-of-a-kind gifts that dogs offer humans is their miraculous sense of smell. Most of us recognize that canines have sharp noses, but the degree to which they’re able to detect “odorant molecules” is rather beyond our comprehension. Some of the specifics of dogs’ super sniffers are described in a 2012 study comparing the canine ability to detect the odor of cancer to laboratory testing.

Dogs Have Died, Owners Are Suing This Popular Pet Food Company
Pet owners are devastated, angry and want answers after they believe their dogs were sickened or died as a result of eating recalled foods. How could a ‘formulation error’ possibly affect multiple batches of food at separate facilities by different companies?

Petfood Forum China 2019
Scheduled for 20 August at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai, China.



We Have a Champion in the Iditarod 2019;The Last Great Race on Earth.


Iditarod Race leader into Ophir, Alaska – 432 miles in 4 days!

North Port dog owner claims popular food killed her beloved pet
Video News report from Channel 8 Melanie Michael WFLA in Northport, Florida.

Dogs rescued from canine meat farm in South Korea coming to Michigan

Video story from Fox47 in Lansing & Jackson, Michigan.

Reunited: Missing dog found after 8 months, 175 miles away

Video & Story by Kristin Lam, USA TODAY
Published Feb. 17, 2019 

‘She’s special’ Rescue shelter takes in dog with 2 mouths

Man ‘didn’t think twice’ about saving stranger’s dog from icy waters

Newburgh K-9 Raven faces toughest assignment — beat cancer

Jimmy the dog is actually named Flick and has been reunited with his owner– WARNING: There are graphic images of the dog in the article.

Man bound dog with duct tape, threw it into ditch to freeze, police say.

Wanted man refuses to cooperate with police in local sporting goods store, K-9 used to retrieve him.

More Than A Canine Companion– Shelter dogs are special. They seem to understand and appreciate they have been rescued  by adoption.

Mega-Dog-Friendly Bar Haven Is Coming to Austin!– Mutts Canine Cantina is looking to open three locations in the city

Hilarious Dog Achieves Slacker Spirit Animal Status for Supremely Leisurely Approach to Westminster.

Top dog? It’s King, a wire fox terrier that won best in show at Westminster.

Dog DNA testing takes off, and generates debate – Genetic testing for dogs has surged in recent years, raising questions about standards, interpretation and limitations.

Woman found dead in backyard with dog bites on arms, hands and face in west Houston – (KTRK) –Elaine Richman loved her dogs, but her Dobermans may be what caused her death.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office K9 Team Brings Home Accolades – LAKELAND, Fla. (WCSO) — Thirty-seven dog teams from around the state of Florida spent last week competing for “Top Dog” honors to compete at the national level.

Canine Corner: ‘We rescued a dog’ – This month is dedicated to all the 501(c)3 dog rescues who work so hard, often with very little financial support, to not only save the lives of the voiceless, but to ensure their well-being while in rescue and after.

NADA 2019: Canine Companions, Joe Verde & Ben Chavez At this year’s NADA Show in San Francisco, CBT News caught up with Joe Verde and Ben Chavez at the ADESA Charity Auction supporting Canine Companions.
(11 Feb 19)

Dog reunited with its family after being lost for two months!(9 Feb 19)

Canine visitor insists on hanging out with North Ridgeville police.

Lake County, Illinois Police Dog Named ‘K9 Of The Year’

K9 Bico joins Richmond, Rhode Island PD as towns first Police Dog.